April 14, 2019

I just wanted to be the girl who could run free through the meadows, hair wild with a big smile and big ambitions.

Where does that sense of adventure go and why do some days feel as though you're actually swimming (slowly) through treacle? I guess the answer is that we grow up and gain responsibilities on the way; children, careers and a mortgage, to name just a few.

I also think there's something far worse that creeps in and tries to steal away that sense of wonder. A self-destruct button that suddenly appears where none existed before. That button we press when we mindlessly scroll through Instagram (or other social media platforms) and compare ourselves, and our lives, in a negative way to people we often don't even know – why is she thinner than me? Why is her house "better"? And why oh why does she get to do cartwheels on a beach in Australia while I'm sat at my desk in Bristol? Life suddenly feels so unfair and loses all it's lustre. We forget to listen to the birds singing in the trees and admire the daffodils as we walk to work. We forget about all the little things that truly make up a beautiful life; our beautiful life. 


This is where I found myself a few years ago when Instagram first took hold. I thought it was going to be a great big adventure with a chance to gain legions of followers and likes. It didn't turn out that way. I was forever searching for that perfect photo to post. I was more interested in taking a picture of my perfectly created breakfast than actually eating it and, more importantly, I lost out on precious time in the real world (with my children) while I was 'busy' scrolling through the 'highlight reels' of all the Instagram celebs I wanted to emulate. I wanted that perfect handstand and I'd relentlessly pursue that to the detriment of everything else. I forgot that the journey is often far more important than the destination itself.

One day (not long after I had my second child), I decided to go cold turkey and quit social media. I felt like an outsider for a while, as though I was missing out on something shiny and glossy. However, I gained so much more. My perspective returned, I suddenly had time to do real things like run through meadows, fly a kite and draw or read (just for the fun of it). I also left the ideas of comparison and perfection (FYI this doesn't actually exist) far behind - we are all on our own unique journey – some days will be glossy and bright whilst others will be just a little bit grey (and that's OK!) The point for me was that social media became toxic and that was bad for my soul (that part of ourselves where we can still be a child and hold onto that sense of wonder at the world).

So, this evening, after a day at the office, I will pick up my children and dash home to make tea, without worrying about having to photograph any of it. After we're finished I'll put on some of my favourite Miss Matahari kit and do my chores like a boss before tackling an online ballet workout - yes, I'm a 37 year old who came to ballet a bit late in the day (and that's OK too.) Then later, when I'm all done, I'll sit down with my 2-year old and look up at the moon and that sense of wonder will be there again, for the both of us.

I'm not advocating leaving social media – I know that it can do wonders for a fledgling business as well as be a source of good and positivity (if used carefully and mindfully). However, if, like me, it becomes a source of pain and unhappiness, please be kind to yourself, and leave. Then, go run with the wind and smile at the moon.


Georgina (Mother, Lawyer, Free Spirit.)  xxx


Georgina has been a loyal Miss Matahari customer since the very beginning of the brand's journey. Despite no longer having a social media account, over the years she has provided us with many truly beautiful and inspiring photographs. Georgina is the epitome of a Miss Matahari woman - smart, capable, determined, and brave enough to follow her own heart and dreams. 


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Top photo by Andressa Voltolini
Meadow by Jennifer Regnier
Little girl by Scott Higdon



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