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As a brand we always look to shed light onto inspirational women. Women who regardless of the challenges and obstacles life has cast their way, have always found ways to overcome them, circumvent them or just plain bulldoze through them, in pursuit of their goals and dreams.

For International Women’s Day I want to shed light onto a talented, and determined young woman from Uganda. Idah Nandyose (Nandy for short), is a 24 year old fashion designer and tailor. She contacted the brand as she wanted to share her story, in the hope that someone, somewhere, might read it and help.

“I search for freedom and seek to be free. I envision a world where I can do it all.”

This is Idah’s vision.

IDAH NANDYOSE“My mom taught me the craft at an early age. I've never attended a fashion school. My apprenticeship into the fabrication and alteration of clothing began soon after I began to walk. I have been formally designing since 2016, and in 2017, I designed and tailored a collection featuring outfits based on contemporary art. It was my first fashion show, the audience burst out laughing. It turned out they were laughing at my designs. I was told no one would wear my clothing because they were extraordinarily different. The criticism only made me more determined to think outside the box.” 

Feathers are a main component of Idah’s designs, which she obtains free of charge from the villagers who raise and process chickens, whilst the fabric is second hand from a local market. You could say her pieces are the epitome of sustainability, with zero waste. Her wild Avant-Garde style reminded me of some early Miss Matahari shoots, and is perfectly in line with our WARRIOR messaging – so it really spoke to me.

NANDY COUTURETo support herself and her dream, Idah works - a lot. She has a degree in Maths and Physics (after receiving government sponsorship so that she could attend) and teaches in many schools as well as tutoring, alongside a long list of other jobs. Idah also volunteers - she loves to help others. Her heart is solid gold. As a university student at Kyambogo, she collected old clothes and shoes from fellow students and took them to the centre to be given to less fortunate children. She is a volunteer at Kaleke Kasome Centre (KAKA) in Mpigi, which is run to advocate, protect and promote the values of girls, often recovering from unimaginable abuse and crimes.

NANDY COUTUREBut Idah wants a better life for herself; the opportunity to pursue her dream in a place where she has a fighting chance to realise it. So she’s looking for an internship, or a fashion opportunity somewhere where she may be able to fulfill her dreams as a designer. I would love nothing more than to be able to have Idah help at Miss Matahari, however, as an emerging brand, we are sadly not in the position to be able to sponsor her move to Canada at this time. So I want to share her story in the hope that it might attract the attention of someone who can - any fashion label would be lucky to have her on their team. Or through funding or financing perhaps there is a way to bring her over. If not to Canada, then any other fashion-forward country where she can realise her true potential. 







“I am passionate about Fashion, my heart beats for it. There has been so many times I've wanted to give up but the designs just keep coming in my head.” ~ Idah

All images featured in this blog showcase Idah's original designs.
Further work can be viewed on her Instagram account @nandycouture.

THANK YOU for reading her story. 

Miss Matahari xx

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Maurice Hasa
Maurice Hasa

March 25, 2020

This is really inspirational, am impressed.

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